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Welcome to my page.

This is the homepage of Dream Howler, a writer of Fan Fiction, and Real People Slash. She is also the writer known as Gabriela Thiran on Facebook. Feel free to follow Gabriela on Facebook or on Twitter.

Network Links

Our site has other sites that are owned by Dream Howler or are friends of Dream Howler.

  • Ruby Quill Archive.
    This is a Harry Potter related archive that accepts all parings by Dream Howler. The site started out with primarily slash (male/male) parings, though we also have heterosexual stories as well.
  • World of Slash.
    A Multi-Fandom Original and Fan Fiction Archive. Accepts everything from Harry Potter, Smallville, Supernatural, Torchwood, Soap Operas, Covenant, etc. This site contains slash (male/male) parings.

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