Bane of My Existence – Prologue

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger/Blaise Zabini

Rated: R

Warnings: M/M, Underage, 

Genres: pre-HBP, Band Fic

Word Count:

Summary: Over the summer, Harry Potter starts getting mysterious letters from a guy that claims he wants to apologize for all the stuff that he has ever done to him. Then, when he gets back to school, he finds out that someone is starting a band and decides to change his appearance so he has a chance to be in it. Who is this mysterious letter writer? Will Harry get into the band and fool the school into thinking he is someone else?


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Harry sighed as he lay back on his bed, finally taking a break from his summer studies, and let his mind wander. He couldn’t believe that so many people looked to him in the hope that he, Harry, just Harry, would save them from one of the darkest wizards of all time. When Harry was just a baby, he became the hero of the wizarding world and became famous for something he could barely remember, and wanted more than anything to forget. It had always bothered him that he became famous for something he had no control over.  

Over the years, Harry had felt like an outsider, watching helplessly as his life spun out of control. He couldn’t help feeling hurt, helpless, angry, and used when he went from being a hero, to a liar; having never told a lie in his life; to crazy and then suddenly, back to being the wizarding world hero once more, even though he hated it all.

Last year, he had narrowly escaped Voldemort’s clutches again and lived to tell the tale yet again, although it left him with several more nightmares, not the first being that he watched Sirius fall through the veil on a continuous loop, as though it were a broken record. 

He was starting his seventh year at Hogwarts at the end of the summer. There wasn’t much for him to do other than study and complete the work assigned for the break by his teachers.  Some might call Harry a hero, but in reality, he was following his heart and becoming an artist. 

One day during his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry asked the Room of Requirement to provide something soothing to do after enduring a stressful day.  Instead of what he expected, a bass guitar appeared, much to his surprise.  Harry decided to try it and he quickly realized that he was what some would consider a natural at it, though it did take a lot of hard work to learn the proper chords.  Arranging a time to practice during the school year was hard to arrange, especially with Umbridge always looking for something to take from him, or get him in trouble.  He managed it, however, and after a while, Harry realized that he could not only play well but also did a good job at singing as well as writing music.  No one really knew just how good he was since he never allowed anyone to hear him.  It was his private joy. 

Halfway through his Fifth year, when Umbridge was at her worst, Professor Dumbledore had caught Harry using the Room of Requirement to practice his guitar.  Thinking to encourage the boy, Dumbledore gave Harry a new place to practice his music, with the only rule being to keep his grades up.  The new location was an old music classroom that was no longer in use, and it was truly wonderful.  It had the strongest silencing charms available since it used to hide loud music.  It had pleased him that he was able to continue practicing, making sure that no one found out.  The rest of the world thought that Harry was just a liar at the time, and even Ron and Hermione didn’t know he played.  Harry was just the ‘Saviour of the World’ in their eyes, and that was all they needed to know. 

Author Notes

Author Notes: I am slowly adding this story to this site and getting rid of the domain. Please be patient. Thank you.


Canon Notes: This story is Pre-HBP, and takes place in my version of Harry Potter’s seventh year, based on the events of the first five books. Most of the content of this story will obviously be filled with different information because Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out, and many things have changed that I will not be mentioned here. I will take some spells and some minor events out of HBP, but most of this will make this an AU.


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