What Happened in Vegas – Chapter 6

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Warnings: M/M, 

Word Count: 3,612

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Author Notes

Author Notes:  Keria and her podcasts have spawned many ideas. My brain decided world-building was best a week before the deadline. lol Special thanks to a very old GeoCities page for the new inspiration behind my Spirit Guides. I found them after I had given the main characters animals, but the fact that they matched up to their animals so well, I am pleased. You can see the page via the Wayback Machine at: https://web.archive.org/web/20021016124306/http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4076/index1.html

Canon Notes: Anything you don’t see hasn’t happened.

Cast Pictures

John Sheppard – Alpha Prime Sentinel

Rodney McKay – Alpha Shaman Guide

Vilkas – Canadian Wolf

Orion – Canadian Lynx

Evan Lorne – Sentinel

Ronon Dex – Guide

Koko – Kodiak Bear

Yuri – Polar Bear

Steve McGarrett – Alpha Sentinel

Tony DiNozzo – Alpha Guide

Hokulani – African Cheetah

Guido – African Leopard

Other Characters

Civilian Leader: Dr. Miko Kusanagi

Teyla Emmagan

CMO Guide Dr. Aleena Cole



Chapter 6

Losing Carson on the mission was something that Rodney had expected back when he had learned of his involvement in the complete Weir fiasco. That there were now more people that could use the ancient technology caused Rodney to breathe a sigh of relief. More capable people that weren’t afraid of their gene was an outstanding thing. Carson at least did one thing that could help the mission more than he could by being a distraction on the mission. Luckily, Dr. Biro had stepped up in the place of Carson, and Rodney was pleased with the replacement. She was an accomplished geneticist and had a brain in her head.   

Except for any last-minute decisions, the mission was as well-stocked as they could get. They had Sentinel’s and Guides rotating to the mountain to learn how to go through the gate and train in special teams. The groups already going on the mission were being sent on routine missions to give them some gate experience. The mountain had never had so many special forces groups on the mountain at one time.  

When Blair came in for the last training session before Blair would release Rodney to leave for Pegasus, he told him some disturbing news. He told Rodney that he had been unconsciously putting out a call for help over the psionic plane. Rodney had tried to stop it as quickly as possible, but that hadn’t stopped the hundreds of Sentinels and Guides that had already received the call. Rodney wasn’t even sure that Atlantis could handle the large number of people that wanted to go on the mission as it was. Most of them would probably end up staying here until they could get some concrete data on how large the city was.   

Rodney was nervous about leaving on the mission, but he also wanted to go. He wavered back and forth depending on how much time he had on his hands. Finally, unless nothing else happened, they had finally set a concrete deadline of one week away. It was just long enough to get everyone’s physical done, gun qualifications, and the other essential mission paperwork done. They required everyone to do a will and make sure that their affairs were in order, just in case the worst happened. They knew that this may be a one-way trip for some of them.  

As the week progressed, the Asgard were a frequent visitor to the mountain. If they weren’t helping fit ships with their advanced hyper-drive system, they were shrinking things down for the mission to Atlantis. Rodney still didn’t like that they looked like minor stick figures with no clothes on, but he valued their minds. They were incredibly intelligent, and he wished that he could go to their homeworld and study with them. ‘Perhaps,’ Rodney thought, ‘One day, I could even solve their cloning problem…’  


The day had finally arrived, and Rodney was a ball of nerves. John had a hand on his Guide, trying to calm him down. John stretched his shields over Rodney to help him block the emotions of the Tribe. Tony, who was next to him, was doing the same. For all that Rodney used to be a lot calmer, once he had become a Guide, Rodney had projected his feelings and stored them like a sponge. He had become better at it in the last several weeks, but Blair said that Rodney needed his Sentinel to help him re-build his shield around his emotions. Each day, the pair of them would work on them, and it was helping. However, on days like this one, it didn’t help that the new Guide was nervous and excited and was picking up everyone else’s emotions. The entire Tribe was projecting the same emotions as their Shaman, which didn’t help Rodney stay calm.  

John wasn’t one for long-winded speeches, though he gave the members of the expedition one last chance to back out. When several minutes stretched by and no one moved, he nodded his head to Walter to dial the gate. A hush fell over the assembled group as they waited for each chevron to lock. Once the wormhole engaged, everyone collectively held their breath while the MALP went through the gate. Because of the Asgard, they didn’t have to carry half as much stuff through the gate, only the barest of essentials. A week’s worth of food, clothes, and water was all they were taking with them directly. Though Rodney was bringing his important interface computer just in case something was wrong on the other side. Some crystals they were taking with them in cases were of a push-button variety. Once they got to where they were going, they would push a button on the top, and the crystal would beam the item out of it. This was especially helpful for any plants, animals, and equipment that didn’t need to stay in status long.  

After several long minutes, Jack had given them the go-ahead to enter the wormhole. John, Rodney, Steve, and Tony were all the first in line, showing support for each other and as the leadership of the Tribe. After that, Miko, Radek, and several members of the upper staff walked through the gate. Then, the rest of the Tribe started filtering through the gate, pushing the few things that they thought were too delicate to put inside the Asgard devices.  


John and Rodney were looking around the room that they walked into on the other side of the gate as the wormhole closed. John was being strongly led to a place at the end of the dais that the Stargate sat upon. Once he reached the area, a pedestal rose into the air, a handprint outlined upon it. The city was projecting an urgent need to activate the pedestal to save their lives. John quickly inquired what was so wrong that they needed to activate security measures and saw an image of a giant city underwater. John gasped and quickly slammed his hand onto the pedestal before Rodney could even hook up his computer.  

Through the bond, Rodney had realized that something was going on with the surrounding city. The city was responding to his Sentinel like it was an eager puppy that wanted to play with him. If he were jealous of a machine, it would upset him that the city was trying to intrude on his bond with John. However, when he saw what John saw, he was glad that he had quickly pushed the button, however; he wished he had given the expedition a warning.  

“Take Cover!” Rodney yelled as the city moved upward and into the bright sunlight. Everyone dropped to the ground that hadn’t already lost their balance due to the sudden movement. After they arrived on the surface, windows opened all around the central spire and everyone crowded around the balconies. 

John moved toward the balcony himself and looked at the immense city of the Ancients. “Rodney, I think we have plenty of room for the entire Tribe once we get this place back into working order.” 

Rodney nodded. “I agree. We can inform Stargate Command of that when the Asgard gets here. They will be happy to know that we will be well taken care of.” 

Rodney took John’s hand and projected calm into the bond which leaked out into the Tribe itself. Rodney knew that together, they would be okay. No matter what war awaited them in the future, together, they could accomplish anything.

End of Part 1

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