What Happened in Vegas – Chapter 1

Chapter Rated: R

Warnings: M/M, Sex

Word Count: 3,752

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Author Notes

Author Notes:  Keria and her podcasts have spawned many ideas. My brain decided world-building was best a week before the deadline. lol Special thanks to a very old GeoCities page for the new inspiration behind my Spirit Guides. I found them after I had given the main characters animals, but the fact that they matched up to their animals so well, I am pleased. You can see the page via the Wayback Machine at: https://web.archive.org/web/20021016124306/http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4076/index1.html

Canon Notes: Anything you don’t see hasn’t happened.

Cast Pictures

John Sheppard – Alpha Prime Sentinel

Rodney McKay – Alpha Shaman Guide

Vilkas – Canadian Wolf

Orion – Canadian Lynx

Evan Lorne – Sentinel

Ronon Dex – Guide

Koko – Kodiak Bear

Yuri – Polar Bear

Steve McGarrett – Alpha Sentinel

Tony DiNozzo – Alpha Guide

Hokulani – African Cheetah

Guido – African Leopard

Other Characters

Civilian Leader: Dr. Miko Kusanagi

Teyla Emmagan

CMO Guide Dr. Aleena Cole



Chapter 1

As he sat down, John was suddenly reclining in the big chair and was connected to the base in a way he wasn’t before. It was asking for permission for all kinds of things, but he pushed them away in favor of locating Rodney. He was confused, and a little panicked about what was going on with the building. Several moments later, Rodney rushed into the room, looking upset.

“Sheppard! Who told you to sit there?” Rodney said with an exasperated tone.

“No one did! The building insisted it was the best place for me to sit down. It was also the only chair in the room!”

Rodney grumbled, messing with several components as the chair glowed even brighter because of Sheppard’s frustration. “The building insisted? Did the building ask you to do anything else? No, never mind that for the moment.” Rodney grumbled louder. “All right, Major, think about where we are in the solar system.”

A beautifully detailed three-dimensional map of the solar system appeared above his head. John detailed the map with stars, planets, moons, and even little labels for things that most people didn’t know about. The Major appeared to have been studying astronomy for quite some time. Rodney was elated and shocked at the same time. Sheppard had a grasp of this technology that even the General did not. Rodney just had to talk him into coming on the mission. It was so crucial to the expedition since the General wasn’t able to come. 

“Major, did the system ask you to do anything else?” Rodney asked. ‘If it had asked him to sit down, it probably needed something only a true gene carrier could take care of.’ Rodney thought to himself.

“Yeah, it’s asking me to turn off some alarms and a beacon, fix some doors, and some other things that are wrong with the base?”

“What’s wrong with the doors?” Rodney inquired.

“Several are stuck or apparently encased in ice? It’s causing continuous power drain. According to the system, if they are not powered off, the power will shut down soon to conserve energy.”

“Can you turn those areas off? Or is there a way of getting them unstuck? What are their locations?”

“I think I can power off that end of the base for now. Luckily, I don’t think anyone is living in that area. I will see what the base says about the other issues. Give me a moment.”

After turning off everything he could that was draining power, he saw a maintenance subroutine that was asking to turn on to fix the doors. “Rodney, there is now a subroutine asking to repair the damaged doors. The system says that the doors it needs to repair are critical if anyone gets injured and needs medical assistance?”

Rodney stared at John in shock. “We have a med bay here? It must be locked behind one of the iced over doors. We haven’t seen a medical wing. Will it take a lot of power to run this subroutine?”

A few moments later, John shook his head. “No, it says it will take a lot less power to fix the door than it was trying to power a dead door.”

Rodney looked over at the General. “General? Permission to fix the door to the medical wing?”

General thought about it for a moment. “Well, we have a medical tent, but if something happened down here, it would be nice to have direct access to someone. Go ahead, Major.”

John set up the maintenance subroutines and little bots started coming out of the walls at the end of the hallway, heading toward a section of the building that was not in use. Rodney looked like he wanted to go chase one down, but he stayed next to the chair. After Rodney ran several more tests, he let Sheppard get up from the chair, which he really didn’t want to do.

However, several situations had shown that prolonged exposure to the chair without proper preparation was a recipe for disaster. However, considering how natural his gene was, Sheppard may be immune to that particular issue. That being said, Rodney didn’t want to chance the Major having a medical issue and being forced to go to the hospital. That wouldn’t be a ringing endorsement for the program.

The General then took away the Major to talk to Dr. Weir, and Rodney kept doing some tests of the baseline before and after Sheppard sat down. Luckily, Rodney had left the equipment running after the disaster that was Carson. After the earlier incident, they should never allow Carson near the control chair unless it was absolutely necessary. Just the readings alone told Rodney that Carson’s gene was so weak that it was barely functioning. Carson was best served as a Guide and a Doctor rather than a gene carrier. In fact, Carson was better off trying to create a way to increase the number of gene carriers in the base than being one. Perhaps Rodney could talk John into contributing some of his DNA to the project. That would be an excellent way to help the project, though whether Rodney trusted Carson’s voodoo was another matter. 

After a long talk with Dr. Weir, an angry John and the General hurried up the shaft toward the surface and Rodney hurried after them. Rodney caught up with the General and the Major as they entered the cafeteria tent, and he invited himself to lunch. He had heard Dr. Weir try to convince Sheppard to join the expedition, and he wanted to throw his hat in the ring as an incentive. Rodney was clueless most of the time, so when several of his coworkers had told him initially that Sheppard was asking around about him, he didn’t think much about it at first. However, later, Carson pulled him aside and told him that Sheppard seemed to like him on a level unheard of for a Sentinel to show a latent Guide. 

Rodney had known for some time that he was latent. He never expected to come online at this point in his life. Not that he didn’t want to, but that Rodney would end up having to feel everyone’s emotions all the time was a big turnoff in the big scheme of things. Rodney would have preferred he was a Sentinel, but that wasn’t how the cookie had crumbled. 

So, every time he found out that Sheppard was coming in on a run, he would make sure that he was available for lunch. It made Sheppard smile, and that made Rodney feel warm inside. They really had little privacy up here on the base, so their interactions were mostly public. The few scattered kisses and few heavy petting sessions around a base filled with several pairs of Sentinels and Guides were pretty nerve-racking. They always knew! Luckily, they were too polite to say anything to his face. Though, that probably didn’t stop them from speculating on what a highly decorated Sentinel like John Sheppard would want with a latent Guide. 

After trying several ways to make John understand that he was needed on the project, Rodney sighed. Rodney just wasn’t getting the kind of answer he had hoped. He looked pleadingly at the General who nodded at him. It was in their best interest to get Sheppard to go. Rodney took that look to mean he would talk to him when they were alone. Rodney pulled Sheppard aside and reminded him about their pre-arranged meeting later that week, which caused John to smile. He had wondered if recent developments would cause Rodney to call off the meeting. John didn’t know how the run was going, however, so he told Rodney he would let him know if his plans changed.

Rodney reluctantly waved goodbye to Sheppard and walked toward the elevator back down to the Outpost. He was sad that he didn’t get to spend any alone time with John this time around. However, they had promised each other a fling in Vegas, where they would hopefully get to spend one last time together before Rodney left for Atlantis. If Rodney couldn’t convince John to come with him, then it may be the last time that Rodney may ever see him.

After transporting General O’Neill back to the Cheyenne Mountain, John realized that he had a lot of thinking to do. He was pretty sure that Rodney was on the cusp of coming online, and to be honest, he was pretty sure that Rodney was his Guide. He wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but John was way too amused by the fact that Rodney could tell someone off in so many ways. Even if Rodney wasn’t his Guide, he was definitely semi in love with his brain, and his snarky mouth was just icing on the cake as far as he was concerned. 

When he had dropped off the General, he wanted to tell him that he would go because of Rodney alone, but he wasn’t sure. If Rodney was his Guide, and he came online, Rodney would be out there alone. Which John would not like at all. However, what if Rodney never came online? It was a slippery slope on which to journey on. He also was not happy about the fact that the guy that almost shot him out of the sky wanted to take his DNA to create some sort of serum to make more ATA gene carriers. 

However, if he was honest, even if Rodney never came online, he really liked him. He didn’t think that Rodney could survive out in another galaxy without someone to watch his back. John decided to wait to speak to Rodney during their little getaway and have a chat with him about it there. At least then, he could voice his concerns where the SGC would not be able to overhear the conversation. 

John knew that Rodney would always give his honest opinion at any time. Still, it was a little puzzling that Rodney probably wouldn’t air their relationship out for the world to hear if he didn’t have to. Though Sentinels and Guides didn’t have the same problems with the rules and regulations that governed the rest of the armed forces, John didn’t flaunt the fact that he was gay in people’s faces. It was just a courtesy to his fellow serviceman. Nodding as he made up his mind decision, he sent a text to Rodney.


Still meeting me in Vegas?–J

We just talked about this. Don’t be an idiot!–R


John let out a relieved sigh. He was actually a little worried that Rodney wouldn’t come after their last conversation at the Outpost. He was glad that Rodney hadn’t taken the cautious attitude of John’s too seriously. How many people would seriously take a one-way trip to another galaxy after all? John had just been told about the program, and he didn’t really know all the crucial details. He was scheduled for a full debriefing when he got to the mountain after his weekend off. He was given a broad non-disclosure agreement when he had stumbled down the rabbit hole at The Artic Outpost. Still, they forwent more information until he decided if he was going to stay with the program.

John packed an overnight bag and got in the taxi to go to the airport. It was about a thirteen-hour drive from the mountain to Vegas, and he would not drive that far. Rodney was coming from the Outpost directly to Vegas, so it wouldn’t look like they were meeting each other there. John didn’t really get why they were keeping it a secret, or even why they were meeting in Vegas, of all places. Apparently, Rodney wanted to get some of his favorite food in before he had to leave Earth. 

‘Too bad there wasn’t a way to bring some of the food like this with them. It would be an excellent bribing tool for when Rodney got unreasonable.’ John thought.

John still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Rodney was about to leave the Earth and go to a completely different galaxy. It boggled the mind in more ways than one. However, it was obviously true because Rodney had a hard time lying about anything unless he put some genuine effort into it. It was actually kind of adorable. 


Several hours later, John landed in Vegas and checked into his hotel room. He sent the room number to Rodney via text and took a shower. Luckily, he could book a Sentinel friendly room, which meant he wouldn’t wake up the next morning with hives. Most of the time, he didn’t have an issue, but he didn’t want to chance reporting for duty Monday morning with hives. It wouldn’t make a very good impression. 

When he exited the shower, John ordered some food. He knew that it would take much longer for Rodney to get here, so it surprised him when his food was delivered with a side order of Rodney. 

“Well, hello, John,” Rodney said with a grin, leaning against the door frame.

“Rodney! You’re here early! I didn’t realize that you were already in town. Did you come in last night?” 

Rodney grinned. “Well, I have learned in our brief acquaintance that I have to get up early to beat you at anything.” 

John laughed. “The pain of dating a military man. I am always up early.”

Rodney sighed and entered the room. “I hope you ordered enough for me. I am starved.”

John nodded. “Of course. I had planned on putting yours in the fridge and warming it up later, but I don’t have to now. Don’t worry, I specified no citrus.”

Rodney smiled. “I knew I liked you for a reason.”

John smiled and rolled the food over toward the chairs that were set up in the room, and sat down. The conversation spanned several topics, but the most heated of the issues was the fact that Rodney was upset that John hadn’t agreed to come with him to Atlantis yet.

“I don’t know, Rodney. It’s not anything to do with you. I think it was the wicked gleam in the eyes of Dr. Weir and Becket that turned me off. I am just not sure that I want to have my DNA in everyone that wants to have control over ancient technology.” John confessed. “I mean, the look on Becket’s face was enough to scare me away from many things. I don’t know what Dr. Weir was looking at me like that for, but it can’t have been anything good.”

Rodney looked confused. “Well, I was going to ask you about that, but it wouldn’t be just your DNA alone. It’s a mixture of several gene carriers, from what Carson says. He is a geneticist by trade. He will use the DNA of the person or persons that best match the individual person who is getting the injections. It’s a rather new idea, but he hopes that it will work better.” 

John shrugged. “I’ll think about it. I don’t mind giving it to you, but a bunch of people I don’t know is a little unsettling.”

Rodney smiled and scooted closer. “You would give me your DNA? How about something else a little more personal right now?”

John chuckled. “Rodney, sometimes you surprise me. I figured I would have to make the first move to get into your pants.”

Rodney shook his head. “Nope. If you are not sure if you are following me to Atlantis, the least you can do is let me climb you like a tree before I leave.”

John laughed even harder, almost folding his body in half with laughter. “Rodney, have I mentioned lately that I love the way you talk?”

Rodney shrugged. “Not lately, but I am sure that you have expressed appreciation for it in the past. Come on, John! Get naked! I haven’t gotten a chance to see anything good yet, and you have been teasing me for months!”

John shook his head and smiled. “Just returning the favor, Rodney.”


Rodney quickly got undressed, but John took his time, watching Rodney the whole time. He was waiting for the moment that Rodney’s ass was revealed. He had several very revealing dreams about that ass. John had gotten to run his hands along it several times, but that was nothing like actually seeing it in person. Rodney had a delectable ass, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it again without clothes protecting it. 

Once Rodney realized that John was taking his time, just staring at him, he started blushing. “What are you staring at?”

John grinned, “You, of course.”

Rodney blushed brighter. “Well, stop staring and get over here.”

John swaggered over to Rodney, lifting his hand to cup the side of his face, stroking his face with his thumb. “That blush is completely adorable.”

Rodney let out a soft sigh and rubbed his face against John’s hand. “You are making me want things you won’t let me have, John.”

John smiled, still caressing Rodney’s face. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t go. I just want something in writing that they will not steal my DNA and use it for purposes I am not aware of. You need someone to protect the world from this mouth of yours.” 

John let his thumb rub along Rodney’s lips, brushing them softly. “Not that I mind it personally. It’s one of the nicest things on you besides your ass.”

Rodney blushed again. His face was staying red at this point from all of John’s compliments. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard these kinds of things before, but somehow, hearing them from John just made them sound different. Suddenly, John was crowding Rodney into the wall behind him, and moments later, Rodney was lifted in the air against the wall. John had each hand full of an ass cheek while he began kissing Rodney. Rodney wasn’t very opposed to sex against a wall, except he really wanted to have sex in a bed because of his back issues. 

Though, after a moment, Rodney decided that there was nothing sexier than a man that could not only lift you up to do so, but who would let you down if you didn’t want it. Rodney knew that John would put him down and on a bed in a heartbeat if he asked. So Rodney kept kissing back, pulling him tight as he did so. John was such a great kisser. Talk about great lips. That was John, not Rodney, but Rodney wasn’t going to argue on the compliment front. 

Just when Rodney thought John was going to kiss him breathless, he hiked him up higher and picked him up into his arms and headed for the bed. Rodney blinked but didn’t argue. His back would definitely thank John in the morning. Once they were on the bed, John gave Rodney a kiss and hopped off the bed. Rodney was about to protest, but realized that John was getting something out of his bag. Moments later, John returned, and Rodney was pleased to see condoms and lube in his hand. 

Rodney had been looking forward to this since he had met John, and the lack of privacy to even do anything at the Artic Outpost was utterly frustrating. It also didn’t help that a Sentinel and Guide pair were housed right next door to Rodney, and he didn’t want to embarrass John. Rodney smiled up at John and spread his legs. John leaned forward, kissing him, and proceeded to rock Rodney’s world.

John was an attentive lover, which Rodney found beyond hot. Of course, that could be because he was a Sentinel, but he wasn’t quite sure. The idea of having someone worship his entire body had never crossed Rodney’s mind, but that’s what it felt like. At some point, it even felt like he could feel John’s emotions, but considering Rodney wasn’t online, that was entirely out of the question. 

Of course, Rodney wasn’t even sure how he could even think about anything right now, considering he had been having headaches for the last couple of weeks. Still, he would not let a headache stop him from having sex with John. Focusing on John, he put the headache out of his mind, even when it started to get worse.


John sensed something was wrong with Rodney, but he wasn’t sure what was wrong. Rodney was the type that he would complain if something was genuinely wrong, so he wasn’t sure. He kissed Rodney again, looking into his eyes. “Rodney? Are you okay?”

Rodney nodded. “Fine, just a headache.”

“Probably temperature based, going from freezing temperatures to warm temperatures probably did it. We can relax in a nice hot bath afterward if you like?”

Rodney smiled. “That sounds like heaven.”

John pulled the lube closer toward him and prepared Rodney with quick efficiency. If Rodney had been better able to think at the moment, he would have probably appreciated it more. Right now, Rodney just wanted something else to focus on, and John was quickly supplying it. Minutes later, John was slowly sliding inside, and Rodney groaned. His headache seemed to ebb and flow for a few moments, and then he suddenly felt better. Rodney sighed in relief and was glad he was able to enjoy the experience. 

After a few minutes, John motioned for Rodney to turn over on his stomach flat and moved his legs straight together. Shrugging, Rodney did as he was bid, and that’s when he understood what John was doing. John slowly straddled Rodney’s hips and then slowly slid back inside, his hands grasping onto Rodney’s ass as he thrust. Rodney moaned. He hadn’t had anyone use the jockey position on him in quite some time. While Rodney was paying attention to the sensation, John started massaging Rodney’s back while he was thrusting. It took him a few minutes to get a good rhythm at first, but when he got going, he could really put his back into it. Rodney was in heaven, a good fucking, and a back massage for his bad back at the same time. Who could ask for anything better?

It didn’t take long for Rodney to verge on the edge of coming. His dick was tucked gently between his legs, giving him an unusual amount of pressure and stimulation because of the way he was positioned. Between the bed and the brushing against the sheets, it was easy to say that he would come untouched, but the massage was feeling so great, he tried to hold on as long as he could. When he heard John’s breath becoming ragged, he knew that John was tuning in to his own desires with his senses and was right there with him. Rodney lifted his hips and thrust back against John, who let out a startled gasp and filled the condom with cum, which set Rodney off right after him. Suddenly, Rodney felt an odd pressure release entirely in his brain. The headache that had been bothering him for weeks was gone, which made him drop bonelessly to the bed. 

Rodney just laid there on the bed like a puddle of happy goo. It was like John had turned into a Guide and found all the spots that were hurting and made them go away. ‘Did this happen with all Sentinels or just John?’ Rodney thought to himself.

John got off Rodney, walked over to the bathroom to clean up, and came back with two warm towels. One he draped over Rodney’s back, and the other he used to clean him up with. Rodney sighed happily and thought furiously, ‘I have to get him to come to Atlantis! I can’t miss out on this level of sex for a year!’

After the towel cooled, John took off the towel and disposed of them in the ensuite before laying down and cuddling with Rodney. “How do you feel? Better?”

Rodney signed and cuddled close. “Man, I was stupid for putting that off all this time. I should have taken you for a ride months ago. My headache is completely gone.”

John laughed. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am also glad your back and headache issues are feeling better. I noticed you flinch when I put you up against the wall and realized you had probably been bent over the keyboard way too much lately and hurt your back again.”

Rodney nodded, “Yeah, I did. I would not complain, because wall sex can be hot, but my back was in too much pain to realistically do it for a long period. Though moving it to the bed and using the jockey position to give me a back massage puts you at a higher level overall than any of my previous sex partners.”

John chuckled, “Well, that is a compliment in itself. I don’t know about you, but I am tired. How about a nap?”

Rodney nodded sleepily. “That sounds fantastic.”

John pulled Rodney closer and maneuvered him around to cuddle him from behind, and they both drifted off to sleep, not knowing what the morning would bring for the both of them.

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