What Happened in Vegas – Chapter 4

Chapter Rated: R

Warnings: M/M, 

Word Count: 3,612

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Author Notes

Author Notes:  Keria and her podcasts have spawned many ideas. My brain decided world-building was best a week before the deadline. lol Special thanks to a very old GeoCities page for the new inspiration behind my Spirit Guides. I found them after I had given the main characters animals, but the fact that they matched up to their animals so well, I am pleased. You can see the page via the Wayback Machine at: https://web.archive.org/web/20021016124306/http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4076/index1.html

Canon Notes: Anything you don’t see hasn’t happened.

Cast Pictures

John Sheppard – Alpha Prime Sentinel

Rodney McKay – Alpha Shaman Guide

Vilkas – Canadian Wolf

Orion – Canadian Lynx

Evan Lorne – Sentinel

Ronon Dex – Guide

Koko – Kodiak Bear

Yuri – Polar Bear

Steve McGarrett – Alpha Sentinel

Tony DiNozzo – Alpha Guide

Hokulani – African Cheetah

Guido – African Leopard

Other Characters

Civilian Leader: Dr. Miko Kusanagi

Teyla Emmagan

CMO Guide Dr. Aleena Cole



Chapter 4

That night, Miko invited John and Rodney over to her house, and they began looking over the mountain of files Dr. Weir discarded. Miko started cussing in several languages after several files, and John was grateful that he wasn’t Dr. Weir at that moment. It didn’t take long to figure out which files were making Miko mad. 

“Rodney, have you realized that the expedition list is short on Sentinels?” Miko asked.

Rodney nodded. “I had thought that was a little weird. Usually, Guides want to go where Sentinels are. What happened to all the Sentinels?”

“They were all rejected for one stupid reason after another. The only Sentinels I see here are ones that have a strong ATA gene. Sheppard and Lorne being the two main ones. I even found a list of expedition members, and a note here says she didn’t even want Colonel Sumner because he didn’t have the ATA gene.” Miko mentioned with an increasingly upset tone of voice.

“So, she was kicking off members of the expedition that didn’t have the ATA gene? I thought most Sentinels and Guides had the gene to a varying degree. Carson said that was why he could make the gene therapy, because even a latent could have it turned on. Though he cautioned that getting the therapy might make them come online.” John asked.

“No, what I am saying is that if you weren’t already a Sentinel with the gene turned on, she kicked you off. Look here at this note…” Miko said.

Rodney looked over at the note and shook his head. “Too hard to predict if they will come online or not? Rejected? What the hell does that mean? What the hell was she looking for? Did she want a whole city full of Guides or a city full of Sentinels? Most of the Medical staff are Guides. Most of the soft sciences are Guides. The military was a kinda mix, but mostly mundane… I don’t get it.”

John shook his head. “She actively went after me like I was a piece of good chocolate, Rodney. Could she have been hoping for some ATA DNA breeding project?” 

Rodney looked over at John with a startled expression. “You said she wanted to Ascend… what if she thought the only way to Ascend was to be a Guide or Sentinel, and it was less offensive to her to be a Guide? She would need a diverse gene pool for Carson to alter her DNA enough to make a serum that would take. She’s mundane, so she must have thought the more Guides on the expedition and the fewer Sentinels…” 

“Would make sure that no one would notice what Carson was doing…” John supplied as he clutched his hands together in anger. Rodney reached over and placed his hand on his Sentinel. “It’s okay, John. She can’t go through with it. We just have to make sure that Carson didn’t know her evil plans… I had wondered why he was so upset about not being the Chief Medical Officer after telling me several months before he didn’t want to practice medicine. I wonder what she promised him? A Nobel?”

John nodded. “Most likely. I don’t know how she thought she would get that by the SGC. Everything here is so tight-lipped, it would take the program being de-classified for him to publish.”

John and Rodney looked toward Miko at the same time with a horrified expression on their faces. “Oh, my God!” They both exclaimed at the same time. “She planned to out the program and ascend!” 

Rodney looked down at the files in his lap. “Only, she wouldn’t have succeeded. It would leave poor Carson with the consequences. She would have probably ended up killing herself with the attempt, and the program would be in shambles. Thank goodness the bitch is dead.”

John and Miko nodded and continued to go through the files for another several hours, making lists of people to bring. After a few glasses of wine, Miko brought out a new box. “Okay, Rodney, you and John may want to look through this box. We have apparently been getting countless transfer requests.”

John and Rodney looked at each other with a puzzled expression. “Transfer requests?” 

“Yes, the General passed it along to us. The main ones among them are the two investigators, who are looking into the death of Dr. Weir and Colonel Sumner.”

John looked startled. “The Sentinel and Guide from Hawaii want to leave their personal Taskforce and join us on the Atlantis mission?”

Miko nodded. “The purpose of the Taskforce was finding Sentinel McGarrett’s father’s killer. With a Guide, who is well versed in fugitive apprehension, they solved it in a much shorter time. Once accomplished, they just kept it going because it was a job they loved. However, when you and Rodney came back to the mountain several days ago, they told the General they wanted to transfer to your unit.” 

Rodney looked at John. “I haven’t even met them, have you?”

John shook his head before looking at Miko. “I am assuming this box is a list of Sentinels and Guides that want to join because of us?”

Miko nodded. “We have everyone from civilian to military in that box. There are a couple more boxes in the garage. I went through them earlier and put them into groupings of military, civilian, job experience, and years of experience with the gate. Then I made a list of each of them with a spreadsheet so you can easily select which ones for each area of the expedition.”

Rodney blinked at Miko with an astonished expression. “Miko, I know that you are a wiz on the computer, but when do you have time to do other work at the mountain?”

“I shut down my current projects down when I started work as the expedition leader. All of my focus has been on the clusterfuck that someone I thought was my friend gave me.” Miko harrumphed and gave Rodney a glare before laughing softly. “I still expect to practice science on Atlantis, or it will upset me.”

Rodney and John laughed, and Rodney responded. “Of course you can! You are the best! I wouldn’t take that away from you. You just might have to get used to being interrupted.”

Miko rolled her eyes. “I will want a lab and an office near my lab. However, I guess I will have to have some central office too. Not everyone will want to go all the way to the science area to see me in person. If only we had a good way to set up an internal network, we could do virtual meetings.”

Rodney shook his head. “I am sure I can figure out a way to make some internal network, but I doubt most of us have time for virtual meetings, even less than the stupid real ones that the mission will require. It’s probably better to have them in person anyway, so we can tell who is doing something stupid.”

John and Miko nodded in response. No one liked meetings. With the SGC, there were always some meeting going on. It’s like there wasn’t anything other to do. Luckily, they could have some of their more important meetings outside the SGC so that the ton of other Sentinels and Guides wouldn’t know everything going on with things they didn’t need to know about yet. 

After they had finished the last list of the first round of boxes, John and Rodney walked into Miko’s garage to get the next set of boxes and put them in their car. They discussed the pros and cons of several ways of meeting the ones that had requested a transfer, but the easiest way not to get the group’s hackles up was to conduct group interviews if they were a pair, and single interviews if they weren’t. It would be much easier to do it as a giant group, but that wouldn’t allow them any personal time to get to know them. 

After arriving home, John and Rodney brought the boxes inside and started looking through the excel sheet that Miko had helpfully provided. The list of major contributions to the expedition was a very interesting topic that made it very easy to just make a first pass check on certain needed people. 

“Miko really thought of everything. Now we just need to figure out a way to get animals and other things we need to grow things. I don’t think we will have enough time to herd several loads of cattle, chickens, and other animals through the gate.” John sighed, looking down at his notes.

“Well, there is the beaming technology that the Asguard has. I have been talking to them since they just arrived to put the technology in our ships. They were excited when I told them we had found Atlantis and were planning on going there. They didn’t have much hope we would find any Ancients, though they pointed out that you have more Ancient DNA than any of the others in the Expedition.” Rodney said thoughtfully, as he looked down at the file in his lap.

“Do you think they have a portable transporter that they would let us have or borrow for the expedition?” John asked. 

“I don’t know why they wouldn’t. It would be kind of silly to not have a way to beam themselves around the solar system without having to wait on a ship. This isn’t StarTrek after all.” Rodney said snarkily.

John grinned. “Oh, it would be so nice if it was! We could beam all the stuff through the gate, people too!”

Rodney shook his head. “Should have figured you were a Trekie.”

John reached over and grabbed his Guide’s hand. “You are too… so don’t try to mess with me like that.”

“No, so much of their science is off! I can talk about it for hours about how unrealistic every episode is!” Rodney exclaimed.

John laughed, “Well, I guess I will watch it by myself then.”

Rodney quickly backpedaled. “I didn’t say that I couldn’t watch it! I just said that I don’t.” 

John laughed and shook his head. “Well, we can talk to them tomorrow and ask about the technology. You never know what they will let us have until you ask.”

“Well, here’s hoping we don’t catch them on a bad day,” Rodney said with a grumble.

John took the folders from each of their laps and smiled. “Let’s get to bed. Long day tomorrow.”


The next day, they started the massive influx of meetings, starting with Sentinel Steve McGarrett and his Guide, Tony DiNozzo. John and Rodney had been the most confused by the pair wanting to come onto the expedition. They already had great jobs and lived in a great location. It was definitely worth asking about. John and Rodney sat at the end of the main conference room that they had booked for the day’s meetings and when they heard a knock, John stood. 

“Alpha Sentinel McGarrett, Alpha Guide DiNozzo, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Please have a seat.” Once everyone was settled in a chair, John looked over at Rodney, who nodded. 

“I must say that we are very puzzled by your sudden transfer request. Can you tell us about why you want to leave your Taskforce and join us in the SGC’s Atlantis expedition?” After John stopped talking, he felt the calmness of his wolf pressing against his leg. His wolf hadn’t really shown himself to many people, so it was interesting that he had taken the time to start now.

“We were in our office, doing our investigation, when we felt you come back to the mountain. I had already been feeling a pull to come back stateside already, but after I felt you enter, I realized why. I was being led here, not just to the program, but to the mission itself. I was feeling it before you came online, Dr. McKay, but I didn’t know where to go. Steve and I had discussed it, but with no real direction, I did not understand where to go. Once I felt you, I knew you would be the Prime of this new place that everyone is talking about, and all of my being was telling me I had to go too. It was an easy choice. Danny has already agreed to take over the Taskforce, and the Governor is reluctantly letting us leave. That is, if you would allow us, Prime.” Steve and Tony nodded their head in reverence. 

John and Rodney looked at each other in amazement. John had always known that he would be at least an Alpha when he bonded, but he did not understand that he would be a Prime. It wasn’t until Blair said something during his training that made him think about it. They were going to another galaxy, one where they weren’t even sure if there would be any other Sentinels or Guides. It was understandable that a Prime would form, but he had no idea that it would happen so soon. Looking down at his notes, John now realized why he had so many transfer requests. The members of the local Tribe were leaving Earth and following him. He needed to have a talk with General O’Neill as soon as he could fit it in. He just hoped that Jack wasn’t too upset with them.

“We were told that a Tribe may form around us. However, I didn’t think that would happen until after we left on the expedition.” John whispered to Rodney. John knew that Steve could hear them, but he didn’t care. If the pair joined Atlantis, they would be his XO’s in the expedition. 

Rodney nodded, squirming uncomfortably in his seat. “Well, if it happens now, then we will be better prepared for the nightmare that awaits…”

John nodded, figuring it was best to tell the Alpha pair that Rodney had been having increasingly bad dreams of a looming evil tied to the Atlantis mission. He just hoped hearing about the dreams didn’t make them not want to go. In fact, to be honest, he hoped it made them want to go even more. Rodney could tell that many innocent people were getting hurt and that they needed the Tribe more than ever. Yes, they still had their directive of helping stop the evils in their own galaxy, but Rodney hadn’t felt the other galaxy had enough protectors to pick up the slack.

Tony and Steve looked at each other, Tony mouthing, “Nightmare that awaits?” They both turned as one toward the Prime pair. “They say that a shared burden is easier to carry. Perhaps you should tell us what is going on?”

John cleared his throat, almost afraid to mention it aloud. “Rodney has woken up with several increasingly bad nightmares since we came back to the mountain. They are more visions than anything else, but the only thing he is really getting out of them is that a looming evil force is hovering over the mission. Rodney got the feeling that where we are going, there aren’t enough of us Sentinels and Guides to pick up the slack, and people are dying in droves. We are getting applications to go on the mission from every single Sentinel and Guide that knows of the program that is able.” 

Tony shrugged. “The Tribe protects… obviously, whatever this evil is, is calling all of us to action. We are obviously needed more there than here on Earth. Sandburg said that the number of Shaman’s used to be in the triple digits. Now, the number is slowly decreasing. Dr. McKay is the first Shaman in around ten years, according to Sandburg that is in an urban environment.” 

“I may have never come online at all if it weren’t the fact I was slated for the mission and had met John. I will need help Guide DiNozzo. I am not the nicest of people on a good day.”

Tony laughed. “Don’t worry, I am a lot more approachable. You two decide, and I will pass it down where people can stomach it. Please call me Tony.” 

Rodney smiled, happy for the first time since he had found out that he was a Shaman. He was glad that there was someone not only to help with the load, but someone who could help him with his duties that were not annoying to be around. 

“That sounds like a plan. You can call me Rodney. I am way too abrasive to be one of those happy sunshine guides. It’s why no one expected me to ever come online.” Rodney said, trying to hold back the bitter emotions with that statement. He was getting better at it, but it still took active concentration.

Tony smiled and reached across the table to Rodney, and Rodney met him halfway. The Tribe bond bloomed between them, wide and powerful. This was someone that Rodney and his Sentinel could go to war with. He was actually surprised he was a Guide. When Steve touched Tony, linking into the bond, Rodney gasped and understood quickly why Steve was the Sentinel. Though Tony was clearly a badass, they didn’t make weakling SEALs. Steve was clearly just what their budding Tribe needed. Someone who was disciplined and ready to fight the coming war. Someone who could get the job done. Rodney looked over at John and grabbed his hand, who gasped upon feeling the full brunt of the new Tribe bond. 

“Well, gentleman, welcome to the Tribe of Atlantis…”

The four nodded in agreement and with very little conversation, started letting Sentinels and Guides in, each pair taking a group. The interviews went much faster after that.


When all was said and done, they were sure that it would take a lot longer to get off the planet than they had originally planned. Practice drills would be very important in the days to come. Luckily, the conversation with Hermiod went well, and John had a quick meeting with the General to let him know what had transpired.

“Jack, I hope you are doing well?” John said. It was weird to feel like the General was a part of his Tribe, when he knew that he wasn’t going on the mission. However, that was just something that he would have to get used to. Though the General’s Guide wanted to go, there was no way that the pair were leaving the mountain. 

Jack grumbled softly. “Considering you are taking most of my pairs and even many of my unbonded and latent Sentinels and Guides… how should I feel?”

John blinked. “Well, that was what I was here to discuss, actually.”

Jack shook his head. “I don’t need to discuss it, actually. I feel it. I just wish that I could go. However, I am not as young as I used to be, and someone has to be in charge here.”

“Jack, I know that you were the closest thing to a Prime in this area, and the Sentinels and Guides looked to you, but even if you are here, you are still part of my Tribe. As a member of that Tribe, I hope I can count on you to look out for our best interests. There is something dark and evil going on in the Pegasus galaxy. Rodney has been dreaming about it for almost four days straight now. All he is catching is glimpses, but he is getting enough to know that we need everything that we can get our hands on. We need weapons, armor, and everything in between. Do I need to ask you to set up a meeting with the President?”

“No, I have already talked to him. Since you could arrange storage and beaming capabilities for equipment, the President has allowed you to take everything from Zats, Staff Weapons, and everything else that we have more than a few copies of. He has authorized some F302s, and several years’ worth of fuel delivered to the base. As soon as Hermiod can shrink it down, we will have him start with anything else that is already ready to go. Apparently, Prime Sandburg and Ellison have been at the White House, telling them of the looming dangers that we must respond to as a Tribe.”

John grinned, pleased by the F302’s inclusion. Not being able to fly would be a sad day indeed, but he would have done it to keep Rodney safe. “That’s great. I am glad that the President will be so corporative.”

“Apparently, his daughter is a budding Guide. She has nearby when Ellison and Sandburg were meeting with her father. She had been drawing pictures of these things that look like a cross between Marilyn Manson and a Vampire… so she gave the picture to Dr. Sandburg. He had quite the visceral reaction to the picture.” Jack pulled up the picture they had forwarded him. “This may be what you will have to deal with. I don’t know what it is, but I would say that it needs to be dead…”

“The little girl suggested that we needed Samurai on the mission…” Jack said, his tone conveying his puzzled tone.

“Samurai? I know that Miko is adept in the art of sword fighting, though she isn’t a Samurai. I know that there are many Sentinel’s that practice the art of Bushido.”

“I asked our Japanese representative if there are any Sentinel’s that practice Bushido that would join the expedition. They said that they would ask. I guess I should order a bunch of swords. If the President’s daughter says we need them, we probably will. If Sandburg’s reaction to the photo she drew was any sign, we may enter a war zone.” 

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